Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm sorry that I am not the world's best blogger. I do take tons of pics and I do love to share them but it's all out finding time to update this blog. As you can see it is a little late and my eyes are beginning to shut. So to make all of you happy here is a timeline of 2008 it will take awhile but there are a lot of fun and adorable pictures. Hope you all enjoy!!


Suzanne Donaldson-Stephens said...

Hey Rikki,

I don't see the time line.....I hope it's just me and that you didn't do a bunch of work and lose it. :P

Looking forward to an update. I know it takes time - last time between my posts was 3 months! I've been busy with my business that I have to make an effort to blog but it's always fun to see it when it's done. Don't stress about it - do it when you can.

Love ya! You guys should come out and see us!

Aunt Suzanne